Who is responsible for most motorcycle accidents?

The larger the vehicle, the more damage the car causes and can be directly responsible for serious injury or loss of life. However, motorcyclists must obey the rules of the road just like car drivers. Car drivers are often considered mostly responsible for motorcycle collisions, but the actions of both motorists are considered in the final decision. When unsafe roads are to blame for an accident, the government entity responsible for road management can be held liable.

Many left-turn motorcycle accidents occur because the motorist does not see the motorcyclist. It is the driver's responsibility to check for oncoming traffic (including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists) and to proceed with caution when turning. As a motorcyclist, you can follow important motorcycle safety tips to stay visible and protect yourself from an accident. In exceptional cases, the manufacturer of a motorcycle could be found liable for an accident.

This usually happens when the brakes or other important part of the motorcycle fail and cause the motorcycle to malfunction on the road or collide with another vehicle, causing injury. There are many elements in a product liability claim, but if the motorcyclist can prove that the manufacturer was negligent in the production of the bicycle, then the manufacturer may be liable for the injuries of the motorcyclist or other driver. Head-on collisions are one of the most dangerous types of accidents for drivers due to the mismatched amount of force (cars usually weigh four times more than motorcycles) and the lack of safety features on motorcycles. Given these challenges, it's in your best interest to talk to an attorney as soon as possible after a motorcycle accident.

Speed is an essential factor to consider when determining who is at fault in most motorcycle accidents. In most states, the person responsible for the motorcycle accident has to pay (usually through an insurance company) for losses and injuries related to the accident. As motorcycles only have two wheels, they may face additional obstacles on the road that may seem small to large vehicles. A lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents can help you handle your insurance claim, negotiate a fair settlement, or advocate for you in court.

Motorcycles usually pose a minor threat on the roads to passenger vehicles, and the court takes this into consideration when making its decision. While motorcyclists are not always irreproachable in a collision, most of these accidents are caused by negligent operators of motor vehicles and trucks. One of the main problems is that drivers of passenger cars are unaware or disdain of motorcyclists and often judge them a lot. File your motorcycle accident lawsuit with us to make sure you have the best law firm available on your side.

Half of all drivers in the 21-24 age group who died in motorcycle accidents were speeding when they crashed. Paralysis, loss of limbs, damage to internal organs, and other life-threatening injuries can occur while riding a motorcycle. But with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer on your side, the investigation doesn't end there. It's important to have a San Jose motorcycle accident lawyer on your side to make sure you recover the compensation you need after an accident.