What is the leading cause of deaths from motorcycle accidents?

Head injuries are a leading cause of death and serious injury in motorcycle crashes, so you should always wear helmets that meet or exceed federal safety standards. Head injuries are one of the leading causes of death in motorcycle accidents. The Insurance Information Institute reports that helmets save the lives of many motorcyclists and that universal use of the helmet by motorcycle operators and passengers could save hundreds more lives every year. Lack of cession and speeding are the main causes of motorcycle accidents.

Statistics from Washington show a shocking truth, 75% of fatal motorcycle accidents are due to driver errors or negligence. If you ride a sports bike, the number increases to 86%. Speed was the main factor in more than 50% of fatal accidents and 30% of serious injuries. Understanding what causes death in motorcycle accidents is useful for drivers, but it cannot eliminate the possibility of a serious crash.

If an accident occurs when a motorcycle splits lane, it is very likely that the motorcyclist is at fault. While motorcycle accidents may not be as common as motor vehicle accidents, it's worth noting that drivers face a much higher rate of fatal injuries. We all know that motorcycle accidents can happen at any time of the day, however, the risk has been shown to be much greater at certain times of the day. Florida General Rule for the Use of Motorcycle Helmets Florida Statute § 316.211 prohibits persons from riding or riding a motorcycle without a motorcycle helmet.

Whether you have a mild or severe traumatic brain injury, it's always a good idea to seek immediate medical attention for a head injury after a motorcycle accident. In most cases, you can receive compensation for a motorcycle accident if you weren't wearing a helmet in Florida. Head-on collisions are one of the most dangerous types of accidents for drivers due to the mismatched amount of force (cars usually weigh four times more than motorcycles) and the lack of safety features on motorcycles. However, according to a study published by the National Library of Medicine (NLM), more than 40 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents are the result of some type of head injury.

Your first priority after a motorcycle accident is to make sure that you and others involved in the accident are safe. The good news is that you can seek compensation after a motorcycle accident and take legal action against the person responsible for the accident. A lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents can help you handle your insurance claim, negotiate a fair settlement, or advocate for you in court. Depending on the details of your case, your motorcycle accident claim could be resolved in as little as six months to a year.

In most states, the person responsible for the motorcycle accident has to pay (usually through an insurance company) for losses and injuries related to the accident.