What is a 30% contingency?

A contingency fee is a payment to an attorney that is only due if the lawyer earns money for you. Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies racially profiled, assaulted, branded and beat me while pursuing a 19-year-old robbery suspect as the police office will show. Both of them kicked me while only one hit me in the left eye. Tazed twice, I'm 46 years old.

My case is long and I would like to speak with you by phone at 216-235-1061. The primary definition of contingency fees is a fee agreement that allows you to avoid out-of-pocket expenses altogether. It's a percentage of the settlement you get if you win your case. Contingency-based legal fee options, such as those offered at Cordisco & Saile, were created for clients who, like most people, don't have thousands of dollars at their disposal to spend on upfront legal fees. When a lawyer works contingently, you will not be paid unless you are paid and you only recover a percentage of your recovery.

For example, a personal injury lawyer could file a car accident injury lawsuit, charging a 30% contingency fee.