Where do most motorcycle collisions occur?

One of the most common places of motorcycle accidents is at an intersection. According to NHTSA, Nearly Half of All Motorcycle Accidents Occur at Traffic Intersections. Intersections require everyone to pay close attention to determine the right of way. Although motorcycle accidents that result in injuries are a common phenomenon, several studies have provided data showing where most motorcycle accidents occur.

In general, most motorcycle accidents occur in urban areas, on non-interstate highways, and at locations other than intersections. In addition, more motorcycle accidents tend to occur in states with warmer climates and longer driving seasons. When it comes to motorcycle accidents, urban areas show the highest number of motorcycle accidents. According to the NHTSA, approximately 60 percent of all motorcycle accidents occur in urban areas.

This is likely due to increased traffic in urban environments along with increased numbers of cyclists and pedestrians. This congestion, along with other types of distraction, leads to an increased number of motorcycle crashes. Since South Carolina has a pleasant climate most of the year and is blessed with many tourists, the likelihood of a motorcycle accident is higher. If you or someone you love has suffered an injury in a motorcycle accident, you may be able to seek compensation for medical expenses or property damage related to your accident.

Although motorcycle accidents occur in some places more frequently than in others, other factors regularly affect the rate of motorcycle accidents involving fatalities and injuries. No matter where your motorcycle accident occurred, you shouldn't have to pay the costs if someone else was at fault. Motorcyclists in Colorado need a law firm on their side that understands the complications that can arise after a motorcycle accident. Your first priority after a motorcycle accident is to make sure that you and others involved in the accident are safe.

Motorcycle accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries and fatalities that can turn your world upside down. No matter where a motorcycle accident occurs, the victim can seek justice and compensation from the negligent party for their injuries and losses. Lane splitting is a common cause of motorcycle accidents because cars simply don't expect a vehicle to pass them in slow or stopped traffic, and there is very little room for motorcycles to maneuver when moving between cars. Because motorcycles are smaller and less stable than a car, irregularities and unexpected objects on the road can cause a motorcycle to crash.

Because motorways and motorways are always busy, multi-vehicle crowds are still common and, unfortunately, motorcyclists do poorly in these types of accidents. A motorcycle accident lawyer can not only locate expert witnesses, but also build a personal injury case from the evidence and testimony provided. Motorcycle accidents are more common in these locations because there tends to be more traffic and higher speed rates that increase the risks of accidents due to negligent driving. So it's almost certain that the driver of a car that crashes into a motorcycle when turning left will be at fault (see below for more information on the importance of fault in car accident claims).

Treating these types of injuries can be painful and costly, so if you were recently injured in a motorcycle accident, contact Sutliff & Stout at 281-853-8446 to schedule an individual consultation with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer who can evaluate your case. .