What does on a contingency basis mean?

A contingency basis is an agreement between you and your lawyer that states that they will work on your claim at no cost until financial compensation is recovered on your behalf. When a lawyer is paid on a contingent basis, they share that risk with you. They don't pay him unless you do. In addition, they pay you more if they pay you more.

This gives you more incentive to work harder and achieve a favorable outcome for your case. Personal injury cases and other civil cases are handled at a contingency fee. This means that the Zawtocki Law Firm will pay the costs of the case upfront. The company is paid its fees when the case is resolved or resolved.

Contingency fees help ensure that if an attorney files a claim, that lawyer will work on that claim until it is finished. When a lawyer works for a contingency fee, it means that the lawyer is only paid if their client recovers damages. If an attorney settles an injury claim with an insurance company, the contingency fee is deducted from the settlement. Contingency fees allow injury victims to hire an attorney without having to worry about legal bills in addition to medical bills and other injury expenses that may be accruing.